We envision a new reality for the ASEAN region, where the digital divide is bridged, internet infrastructure is upgraded and accessibility to high speed satellite broadband can regenerate the region and improve prosperity, prospects and potential for the unbanked, under-served and under-utilized.

Through the launch of satellites at the strategic orbital location for ASEAN, the company can provide a comprehensive and extensive network coverage which enables high-speed data connectivity accessible to the population.

SP Satellites aims to expand the network services to encompass a wide offering of high-technology, interactive services that will elevate the telecommunications infrastructure of Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

Our satellites are designed to deliver optimal capacity and higher bandwidth connectivity at a reduced cost. SPSATs use multiple and inter-connected spot beams delivering more data capacity and at higher data rates that provide unprecedented network resiliency and intelligent load balancing.

We are the satellite operator and broadband service provider

Our technologies will benefit to many sectors

Government Agencies
Education and Financial Industries
Oil & Gas exploration
Multinational Corporations
Telecommunications and Broadcasting Industries
Broadband connectivity in rural areas
Mobile backhaul for 24/7 high-demand location
Backup connectivity, disaster recovery for private sectors & governments.


To offer high performance, next generation, space-based communications infrastructure accessible to Malaysia and ASEAN population.


To be the leading provider of satellite broadband services in ASEAN region.

Reduce poverty, boost economic growth, reach the un-banked, provide for the under-served, improve internet connectivity and connect everyone from coast to coast within the whole ASEAN.






Steerable beams and agile capacity

Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS)

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High Bandwidth Connectivity

  • Very-High-Throughput Satellite (VHTS), which offers optimum network performance in terms of throughput and availability. The unique elements of this next-generation solution include the use of high-band radiofrequency spectrum and coverage placement flexibility throughout between 15-20 years lifetime of the spacecraft, thus enabling respond rapidly to market developments and ensuring optimal capacity us.
  • The satellites can efficiently complement and extend dense terrestrial networks, both in densely populated areas and in rural areas.


Our company provides integrate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to perform a large panel of missions in the sectors of Aerospace as well as Energy & Industry.

Based on a field proven platform, it offers long endurance of more than 30 hours, long range and a high data quality to correspond with industrial of civil protection needs. 

Satellite Broadband Services

We are committed to provide satellite broadband services and high-speed data solutions to customers across ASEAN by delivering high performance VHTS Ka/Ku-Band satellite that is not reliant on existing low-tech infrastructure and that can combat the challenges of cost-effectiveness, remoteness, rural populations, large land mass and high demand for services.

High-capacity satellite systems is designed to grow with the market demand, providing more bandwidth capacity and throughput with higher broadband services, quality and reliability.



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